My name is Nicole and this is me...super happy and healthy.  I live in beautiful Sonoma County, CA with my hubby, two younger children (the third is in college!) and our menagerie of animals.

This is my story of how sick I was and how I brought my body back to life.

As a young child, I remember feeling full of life and energy.  I was always moving, always outside and rarely sick.  When I hit my pre-teen years, that stopped.  I was still very active, but I would have times where I would be exhausted and drained and would have to rest for days at a time.  I started to live on antacids for the chronic stomach pain I was having.  At 11, I got chronic migraines which were written off as stress induced.  At 13, I started to catch every virus, bacteria and bug that came around. I got pneumonia twice in two years.  During cold and flu season, I would spend more time at home sick than I spent at school.  Our family ate a SAD (Standard American Diet) and we didn't know any better. I went to the doctor more than I should have, took too many antibiotics and choked loads of vitamins down every day to try and make my immune system "stronger."  In my teen years I lived on fast food and junk.  My health continued to decline.  By the time I hit my 20's, I felt sick more often than not and was scared.  When I was 25, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and it rocked my world.  She was my best friend and I was devastated.  She refused to take the traditional route to cancer treatment and was the first to introduce me to a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately her research didn't lead her to the right areas and her stubbornness refused her body the right to heal.  She died a few years later.  Watching her battle her illness and loose was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but it did drive me to take control of my life and my sickness and for that, I thank her.  I love you mom!

In my 27th year, I was fatigued constantly and felt nauseous every waking minute.  I knew something was wrong, but every doctors visit left me frustrated and with no answers.  They would tell me that I was a, "vision of health" and to move on.  At this point I really started to evaluate my diet more.   I was no longer eating a SAD diet and had become vegan after reading, Eat to Live by: Dr. Fuhrman.  My life long battle with stomach pain was gone instantly the day I quit drinking dairy and eating cheese.  I also had started to incorporate green smoothies into my diet after reading, Green for Life, by: Victoria Boutenko.  Still, almost every joint hurt.  It hurt to sit, walk and lie still.  When I woke up in the mornings, I would have to give myself pep-talks to get out of bed.  My hands became so sore and cramped that I could barely open them to hold a pencil.  The fatigue was the worse.  It was completely debilitating, leaving me in bed to cry on many days.  I wanted to get out and do things, but it took everything I had to brush my teeth in the morning.  I also was in a permanent state of brain fog. One day, enough was enough.  I read and read and read and absorbed as much as I could.  I threw out everything in my kitchen and started over.  I did a short juice feast to jump start my eating changes.  I then went "high-raw," gluten-free and ate foods that were vibrant and full of life.  I detoxed a lot and it was scary, but I started to feel better quickly, so I kept going. Within a few months, I felt like a new person.  My joint pain was 100% gone.  My stomach issues were completely resolved and the fatigue had lifted.  I felt happier, lighter and better than I had since my childhood. I started running again and doing yoga and I rode my bike to work.

I have now birthed two children, naturally, at home.  I had two high-raw incredibly healthy pregnancies.  I practice extended breastfeeding, baby-wearing and practice natural parenting.  I have an amazing amount of energy which says a lot for having two children under the age of 7 and my health continues to get better and better. 


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